What is Isfahan Tobacco?

Isfahan Tobacco is an unwashed natural tobacco leaf for your hookah that is smoked without using any glycerin or unnatural flavors. It is compressed large tobacco leaves and it is known as traditional Tobacco. To have a great hookah with Isfahan Tobacco it requires some preparation before smoking. first, you need to soak it in water until the leaves have softened. notice that, the more you hold the Tobacco in water, the more it becomes light and less nicotine in. Afterward, ring out the excess water and remove any residual stems and have a great time with new wonderful natural flavor.

After opening the package of Tobacco, keep it in a dry and normal temperature to prevent it from any molding. Tobacco has just one enemy and that is humidity.

Isfahan Tobacco is the only hookah tobacco that captures the authentic taste of traditional hookah smoking, and unlike modern tobacco brands, you’ll only get the pure, fresh taste of natural tombac tobacco leaf. This type of tobacco has a lot of nicotine and a strong buzz so it is not meant for beginners or the faint of heart.